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"Radical Islam is not a reaction against the "injustices" in Palestine

Three years after the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon Europe experienced its own September 11. Europe has learned, at its own expense, that the main threat to the democracies is, from now on, Islamist totalitarianism.

Despite this real electric shock, a number of experts on Islam continue to nod in agreement that Islamo-terrorism is nothing else but a reaction to the American-Zionist imperialism and that it does not strike anyone except the Westerners supporting Sharon, Ehud Olmert, Bush and their Muslim lackeys. The Madrid tragedy (2004) has enabled us to see to what extent a mass of foolhardy Europeans is struck by the Stockholm syndrome. It is a sickness which reached the point if absurdity when, on the 22 of March, the European Ministries of Justice - with Monsieur de Villepin at their head - condemned the assassination by the Tsahal of the spiritual chief of Hamas, Sheikh Yassin who was, at the same time, one of the most formidable sponsors of the Green Terror and, and therefore, one of the people responsible for the degradation of the situation in the Middle East. The "totalitarianism of the 3rd type" Ever since the unprecedented catastrophe of the September 11 there has never been, in the West, so much talk about Islamism and the Muslim religion in general. At the same time there has never been so much deliberate misinformation as regards the real nature of the ideology which motivated the kamikazes of Allah to strike right in the heart of the leader of the Western world. Some people have refused, as a matter of principle, to put the words Islam and terrorism together preferring to talk about “chaos” and “terrorist threat” and denouncing the politicization of Islam which is said to have perverted this religion of love. Others, on the contrary, have argued that Islamism is a religious fundamentalism like other fundamentalisms, specifically Jewish and Christian, and the Islamic world will eventually end up by evolving itself and modernising like us. Burying one's head in the sand and apparently resigned to see the Islamic world give in to barbarism as if the Enlightenment was an Western luxury only different analysts and other Orientalists have in fact been incapable of taking steps against the new totalitarian threat hanging over the West and the democracies. Islamist totalitarianism, which is neither a fundamentalism nor simply a politicization of Islam but rather both at the same time, is in reality much more explosive and threatening than one can imagine. We are dealing in this case with an ideology of mass destruction, with a war-driven imperialism claiming to be conquering for the sake of spirituality. It's a religious fanaticism combined with the desire for revenge by the Arabo-Muslim world, the world claiming to be humiliated by colonisation, just like Germany was once humiliated by the Treaty of Versailles. To put it simply, it's a theocratic and anti-Western totalitarianism of a new kind, the first totalitarianism which has not been invented by European minds and which speaks in the name of the Third World which it would like to bring under its green banner. After the Red Totalitarianism founded on the battle of classes and the Brown totalitarianism founded on the battle of races, West must, this time, confront the Green Totalitarianism founded on the battle of religions and civilizations. On the surface only on the surface the Third Totalitarianism is weaker than the other two. It is not in fact embodied in a totalitarian state like Nazism and Communism were; it does not have, at its disposal, a nuclear and strategic arsenal comparable to that of the United States or even that of Russia or of China, even if, according to Ben Laden, Pakistan is the nuclear bomb of Islam. Yet it has, among its many assets, three assets which it considers to be a sign of Allah: the growing population, the biggest oil reserves in the world and unlimited determination which pushes generations of Islamikazes to choose death over life. This Green Totalitarianism is only in its beginning phase and it will probably be much more difficult to eradicate than the two former ones. The blindness of democracies in the face of new Green Nazism Are pluralist democracies and open societies really prepared to confront this Third Totalitarianism" which clearly aspires to destroy them from within, that is to say, by using their own territories, their populations which Islamists seek to convert, conquer and, above all, intimidate? Are the Western societies able to fight against an enemy with many faces whose one hand is in the petrol of the Gulf and in the Western societies themselves and the other one in the terrorism; an enemy which counts, more and more followers within the body of its billion and three thousand Muslims of the world; an enemy whose best ally are the very values of Western democracies: the liberty of movement, of expression and of conscience? For it is within the framework the total liberty, even in the name of the right to be different and in the name of multiculturalism – so well analysed by Giovanni Sartori - that the hateful ideology of Islamist totalitarianism is advancing insidiously in Europe and in the United States. Like it was the case with the former totalitarianisms, Ben Laden, Khomeini, and other Islamist leaders have, however, shown their true colours: their final objective is nothing else but the destruction of the Judeo-Masonic and Crusading West. All those phrases revolving around the word Judeo sound like a repetition of history because in the paranoid concepts of the totalitarian ideologues of Allah, if the civilization of the Western Crusaders is to be defeated, once again, the Zionist Jew the Master of the Art of Perfidy must be the first to be destroyed. Like Nazism, Islamism is intrinsically anti-Semitic, or rather Judeophobic but it is equally anti-Christian and goes against all that which isn't Islamist, beginning with the bad Westernized Muslims, the first victims of Jihad attacks. Islamism is fundamentally intolerant and racist. Sure, it's a racism based on religion and not ethnicity but it's racism nevertheless, clothed, moreover, in the theological legitimacy and, therefore, much harder to fight against. Like Nazism, Green Totalitarianism relegates the rest of non-Muslim humanity to the category of subhumans preparing in this way a new final solution. A new final solution of Jews which is justified by the stigmatization of the state of Israel and which is shrewdly hidden behind the mask of progress and the cause of guilt-free anti-Zionism - an ideology which counts so many followers in Europe within radical anti-Zionist circles of the extreme left. It's a syllogism in accordance with which the Islamists and their anti-Zionist radical accomplices propose, more or less directly, a new final solution of the Jews and they use the following arguments: Israel and Zionism are an absolute evil, Sharon is a fascist and a racist or the Jews of the whole world support Sharon and Israel, therefore, Israel and the Jews must disappear But, at the same time, Islamism aspires to lead to a new final solution of the West, in its totality, and this in accordance with its other infernal syllogism: the Christian West is guilty of the Crusades, the colonization, Zionism and imperialism and, therefore, it is responsible for all the evils suffered by the humiliated Arabo-Muslim nations. Therefore, the West must pay for it by disappearing under the strikes of revengeful Islamism or by submitting to the International Islamist Order now marching on And in this case, too, the totalitarian ideologues of Allah find on their path many a European disciple of self-reproach and repentance ready to accept consciously or not all this anti-Western hate in the name of bad conscience, a kind of death wish as the result of which the eventual conquest of the West by Islamist Totalitarianism is accepted in advance and is even encouraged as a expiatory redemption. And finally, it becomes necessary to strike America - the leader of this infernal Judeo-Crusader team - right in its heart in order to terrify the West and to show before the entire world that only the Knights of Allah have the audacity and the courage to defy the biggest power on the planet in spite of severe and inevitable reprisals. The message has been received. One more time in the war which they declared on the American Great Satan, the Islamists have valuable obvious allies in Europe and elsewhere among the radical anti-American circles (from the neo-Nazis to the anti-Imperialists of the radical left) whose numerous followers couldn't help rejoicing on the morning of the 11 September and the least violent among them found excuses and justifications for the Kamikazes of Ben Laden the righters of wrongs done the children of Irak or to oppressed Palestinians and the entire Third World, even the Indians! More than that, no-one has ever talked so much to the Western public about how the CIA had created - during the Cold War an Islamic monster and thus played with fire and so the United States finally reaped what they had themselves sown The posthumous victory of Ben Laden or the weakness of the Democracies In reality Osama Ben Laden is a great strategist and a true master of the psychological warfare. He knew that the United States went to crush Afghanistan and catch al- Qaeda. He was well informed that Washington had, anyway, planned to attack it from June 2001, before the 11 September. So he had nothing to lose. Besides, al-Qaeda as such has not lost. From its 15,000 active members only a few hundred really were arrested. The others, from November 2001 onwards have slipped away to Kashmir, the Gulf states, Chechnya, to the Balkans, settling between Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia, where they are only an hour away from Rome. They are waging, at the moment, other Jihads. As for the financiers of the organization of Ben Laden, these are established comfortably in the offices of the Gulf states orGeneva! But the true ideological culprits of the 11 September, the religious Wahhabis and the imams- ideologues of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood the most important Islamist organization in the world continue to preach their anti-Christian and anti-Jewish hatred everywhere in the world, including the numerous mosques of the United States and Europe. The strategies of the Islamist propaganda is based chiefly on proselytising and the subversion of the values of the democratic societies (multiculturalism, pluralism, freedom of expression etc) whose foundations are now undermined. Every day, Islamist groups extend their activities and networks in Europe and in the United States. One recognizes, with dread, that a number of Islamic respectable and recognized associations is, in fact, controlled by Islamist or fundamentalist foreign states or organizations whose first geopolitical objective is having in view the final conquest of the West to prevent the process of integration of the Muslim masses of immigrant origin and to open all the open societies to gradual Islamization. The young Muslims of Europe and the United States, predominantly moderate and pacifist, find themselves caught between the pincers of the hegemonic designs of the global Islamist tendencies and the compromising democratic societies and so they are the first victims of the Islamist totalitarianism which follows them right up to the lands of the birth of democracy and modernity. For them community life and multiculturalism are a trap in which the Islamists hope to lock them. For women and Muslim democrats who believed to have escaped the veil and the backwardness by coming to live in Europe the success of Islamists which they make every day in the name of communitarian demands constitutes a kind of treason. But things are worse than that. Most terrorists who brought bloodshed to Manhattan and the streets of Paris, these terrorists like Ayatollah Khomeini and almost all of anti-Western Islamist leaders of the world from Hassan al Turabi to the head of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad Abdelrahmane, the sponsor of the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993 found refuge in Europe or in the United States. Some of them are even American citizens like John Walker found in the ranks of al-Qaeda in octobre 2001 during the operation Perpetual Freedom or even French like Zaccharias Moussaoui, the first accused and the twentieth alleged member of the commando of Manhattan. The question raised by Karl Popper in his Democracy and its Enemies has never been as relevant as today. Like in 1938 the democracies can make two choices: that of Munich and that of the resistance to totalitarianism. For the West perhaps still does not know it, but it is at war. Or rather the green Totalitarianism has declared war

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