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Islamist Totalitarianism Democracies under attack (english summary)

0ne year after September 11 : a devastating assessment "Totalitarianism of the third kind". Since the unprecedented catastrophe of September 11, there has been more talk in the West than ever before about "Islamism" and the Muslim religion in general.

And yet there has never been such disinformation as to the true nature of the ideology behind Allah´s Kamikazes, motivating them to strike at the very heart of the leader of the Western world . Some have refused on principle to link the words "Islam" and "terrorism", speaking rather of "chaos" or "terrorist threat" and denouncing a politization of Islam that would pervert the essence of this "religion of love". Others have explained that on the contrary, Islamism is a form of religious fundamentalism, "like all types of fundamentalism", especially Jewish and Christian, and that the world of Islam must eventually "evolve and become modern, like us." Burying their heads in the sand, apparently resigned to seeing the Islamic world sink into barbarity, as if Enlightenment were an exclusively Western luxury, the various analysts or other "orientalists" have in fact been incapable of sizing up the new totalitarian threat that is hovering over the West and its democracies.

It all boils down to the fact that Oussama Ben Laden is a fine strategist and past-master in psychological warfare. He knew that the Unites States would crush Afghanistan and strike Al Qaida. He knew that Washington had since June 2001 intended to attack, so before September 11. He had nothing to lose. Al Qaida has not lost that much, anyway. Only a few hundred of its 15 000 members have actually been arrested. The others slipped quietly away from November 2001 on, to Kashmir, the Gulf, Chechnia, and the Balkans, or to Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia, just an hour away from Rome. They are at this moment enlisted in other Jihads. As for the financiers of Ben Laden´s organization, they are still sitting comfortably in their offices in the Gulf... or in Geneva! But above all, September 11´s true ideological culprits, the religious Wahhabi and Imam theoreticians of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, the world´s biggest Islamist organization, still carry on preaching their anti-Christian, anti-Jewish hatred throughout the world, including in many mosques in the United States and Europe.Western democracies are blind to the new Green Nazism. But are pluralist democracies and open societies prepared to face up to this “Third Totalitarianism" that clearly aims at destroying them from the inside, using their territory and their populations that Islamists seek to convert, conquer and above all intimidate? Can western societies combat a many-faced enemy that has one hand in Gulf Oil and western companies and the other in terrorism? An enemy who also has followers among the one billion three thousand Muslims in the world? An enemy whose best allies are the very values of western democracy: freedom of movement, speech and conscience. For it is in complete freedom and in the name of the "right to be different", and multiculturalism, so skillfully analyzed by Giovanni Sartori, that the hateful ideology of Islamist Totalitarianism is insidiously progressing in Europe and the United States. However, as with all former Totalitarianisms, the Ben Ladens, Khomeinis and other Islamist leaders have laid their cards on the table. Their ultimate objective is nothing less than the destruction of the "Judeo-massonic", "crusading" West. Such expressions coined around "Judéo" sound like history repeating itself. For in the paranoid minds of Allah´s totalitarians, if the "crusading" West is the civilization to be brought down, the Sionist Jew is once more designated as the perfidious string-puller, whose destruction is to be given top priority.

Like Nazism, Islamism is intrinsically anti-Semitic, or more precisely Judeophobic, as well as anti-Christian and anti anything that is not Islamist, beginning with the "bad Muslims" in the West, the first to fall foul of the Jihad. Islamism is fundamentally intolerant and racist. Its racism is indeed based on religious not ethnic principles, but it is nevertheless racism cloaked, what is more, in theological legitimacy that makes it all the more difficult to combat. Like Nazism, Green Totalitarianism relegates the non-Muslim Remainder of Mankind to the category of sub-humans, so preparing a "new final solution". A new final solution for Jews, which is justified by the stigmatization of the State of Israel and is cleverly camouflaged in the progressive and guilt-ridding veil of anti-Sionism, an ideology which counts so many adepts in Europe among extreme left-wing anti-Sionist radicals. The syllogism in virtue of which Islamists and their radical anti-Sionist accomplices more or less directly propose a new final solution where Jews are concerned goes as follows: Israel and Sionism are the absolute evil, "Sharon is fascist and racist", Jews all over the world support Sharon and Israel, so Israel and the Jews must be eliminated... But Islamism also has the ambition to arrive at a "new final solution" for the West in general, in virtue of this other infernal syllogism: The Christian West is guilty of perpetrating the Crusades, colonization, Sionism and Imperialism, and is therefore responsible for all the evils from which Arab-Muslim countries suffer, so the West must pay by disappearing under the ramrod of Islam bent on revenge or by submitting to the International Islamist Order on the march... Here too, the paths of Allah´s Totalitarians are strewn with European devotees to the cult of culpability and repentance, firmly determined - consciously or unconsciously - to relay this hatred of the West in the name of a guilty conscience, a sort of suicidal urge leading them to accept Islamist Totalitarianism´s potential conquest of the West and even to consider it a good thing as a means to expiatory redemption. Finally, as the leader of this infernal "Judeo-crusading" set-up (al Yhoud wal Salibiyoun), it is America they had to strike in the heart in order to terrify the West and show the world that only he Horsemen/Riders of Allah have the audacity and courage to challenge the planet´s greatest power, in spite of severe and inevitable reprisals. Message received. Once more, in the war declared on the great American Satan, the Islamists have valuable objective allies in Europe and elsewhere, among anti-U.S. radicals (from neo-Nazis to extreme left-wing anti-imperialists) many of whom could not help but rejoice on September 11, the less violent finding excuses and attenuating circumstances for Ben Laden´s Kamikazes, "dispensers of justice" to the "children of Iraq" or the "Palestinian oppressed" or the Third World in general, even to the Indians! Furthermore, the Western public has never so often had it explained to them that as it was the CIA that created the Islamic monster during the cold war, so playing with fire, the United States has only reaped what it sowed. Ben Laden´s posthumous victory and the Democracies´ weakness.

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I : The lessons to be drawn in the aftermath of Manhattan

A year after September 11, notwithstanding the "defeat" of the Talibans and cowboy George Bush Jnr.´s war cries, Ben Laden has scored a double psychological victory: although in technical and military terms the West is a billion times stronger than Al Qaida, Westerners stand in terror of Islamism. They know Allah´s Fools can strike anywhere, anytime and above all on their home ground as on their domestic air-lines. Ben Laden has convinced them that given equal terms, Allah´s Horsemen/Riders are sure to win, fear of death on the one hand and determination on the other making all the difference. Oussama Ben Laden, a formidable strategist and past-master in psychological warfare, has therefore attained his main objective: the biggest planetary Islamist marketing operation, following on the Iranian revolution and the Satanic Verses affair. By giving this new-style fanatic so much publicity, do we not run the risk of seeing his totalitarian conceptions of Islam winning over new devotees and sympathizers? This Saudi Arabian Carlos has relied on one of the elementary principles of communications and social psychology: "it doesn´t matter whether good or ill is spoken of something, so long as it is talked about." II: The theological and canonical bases of Islamist Totalitarianism.

Just as Stalinist violence unquestionably drew on the theory of class struggle and proletarian dictatorship, which does not mean that Marx desired the horrors committed in his name, so Islamists continually quote the Jihad suras and the treatises of Ibn Taimiyya, a prominent figure of the hanbalite school, one of the four schools of jurisprudence recognized by Sunnite Islam. Whether those who present Islam as a pacific religion and Islamists as heretics like it or not, this chapter sets out to show that the worst Kamikazes, like those who preach the Jihad against the West, base their arguments on jurisprudence and sacred texts which, unfortunately, are still taught in all Muslim countries and are still considered legitimate and orthodox, that is to say they have never been questioned by Islam´s religious authorities. So, as long as Islam has not known a Reformation or an aggiornamento like Vatican II, the fight against Islamist Totalitarianism and terrorism will be partially ineffectual, incomplete.

III: Charià and liberal democracies: two irreducible systems

Here the author shows that Westerners´ philosophical and legal systems are totally incompatible with Islam´s and that any concession made by the West towards the system governed by the Charià, if made in answer to claims put forward by Islamists, constitutes a setback for democracy and such principles as freedom of conscience, sexual equality, the separation of Church and State, etc.

IV: The new "Green Totalitarianism"

Neither a form of "fundamentalism" nor a politization of Islam, but rather both at once, Islamist Totalitarianism, is in fact far more explosive and threatening that is imagined: we are dealing with an "ideology of mass destruction", a bellicose, conquering imperialism with claims to spirituality. Religious fanaticism multiplied by the desire for revenge on the part of the Arab-Muslim world "humiliated" by colonization, as in the past Germany was "humiliated" by the Treaty of Versailles. In short, a theocratic and anti-Western Totalitarianism of a new kind. The first not to spring from European brains and that speaks out clearly in the name of the Third World that it would like to see under its green banner. Following Red Totalitarianism, based on class struggle, Brown Totalitarianism, founded on racial struggle, the West must now face Green Totalitarianism, founded on religious and civilizational struggle. This 3rd Totalitarianism only appears to be weaker than the first two; it is not really embodied in a totalitarian state, as were Nazism or Communism, nor does it dispose of a nuclear and strategic arsenal comparable to that of the United-States or even Russia or China, even if Pakistan is, according to Ben Laden, "Islam´s nuclear weapon". But it does consider three of its best trump cards to be a sign from Allah: its rampant demography, the biggest oil reserves in the world and a boundless determination that incites generation of Islamikazes to prefer "death to life". Green Totalitarianism is only in its infancy. It may well be even more difficult to stamp out than its two predecessors. V: The major world poles of Islamist proselytism and terrorism

Here the author reviews almost all the major poles of Islamist Totalitarianism in the world: Iran, Saudi Arabia, the Muslim Brotherhood, Tabligh, etc., and describes their common project to conquer the West with the help of demography, by subverting democratic values, using terrorism, psychological warfare and above all Oil Money.

VI: Islamist Totalitarianism´s strategies for conquest

In western countries, where the Islamist poles work among immigrant Muslim minorities, Islamist Totalitarianism´s strategies for conquest are mainly centered on a "weaker to stronger" strategy, taking a subversive "victimist" stance, in order to obtain concessions and exorbitant special rights in common law, following on media campaigns and scandals (the Satanic Verses affair, the wearing of the chador, the Tasima Najreen affairs, etc.) whose object is to create a guilt feeling in Western consciences and among public authorities, so that they feel obliged to grant special favors to the Islamist organizations that come forward as the official spokesmen for the immigrant Muslims and thus receive official recognition. The strength of this strategy consists in creating a feeling of persecution among the Muslim minorities, in order to reinforce their consciousness of belonging to an Islamic group and then making the Judeo-Christian western natives feel guilty, answerable, so paralyzing their defenses. It is not by chance, therefore, that Islamists find their best allies in radical left-wing or extreme-left-wing environments that are often anti-American as well as anti-Sionist, whose ideology rests on permanent revolution and agitation and who see the Muslim immigrant as the new proletariat figure and the victim of "imperialist, capitalist and racist bourgeois oppression". Hence the alliance between the Red Brigades and Islamist terrorists in Italy and elsewhere in Europe.

VII: Inventory of Islamist penetration in the West

In this essay, the author not only attempts to examine Islamist propaganda strategies, mainly based on proselytism and the subversion of the values of democratic societies (multiculturalism, pluralism, freedom of speech, etc.) diverted from their fundamentals, but he also draws up an impressive inventory of Islamist networks in Europe and the United States. A terrifying observation can be made: many "respectable", fully recognized Islamic associations are in fact controlled by Islamist or fundamentalist foreign states or organizations, whose primary geopolitical aim is to prevent the integration of immigrant Muslim masses, with the ultimate goal of conquering the West and working towards the progressive Islamisation of open societies.

VIII: From politically to "Islamically correct" or the philosophical suicide of the West

Since the unprecedented catastrophe of September 11, there has been more talk in the West than ever before about "Islamism" and "Islam". And yet there has never been such disinformation as to the true nature of the ideology motivating the Manhattan Kamikazes. In order to be what we have called "Islamically correct", an Islamized form of the more traditional "politically correct", the attacks of Autumn 2001, - like the previous ones that have been terrorizing the West since the 70´s (Palestinian terrorism) and especially the Khomeini revolution of 1979 - have, on the pretext that sweeping generalizations should be avoided, afforded so many fresh opportunities for lauding the intrinsic qualities of the Koran, proclaimed a "text for peace", of singing the praises of the Islamic world, the majority of which is tolerant, and even of reminding people that Islam, far from calling for violence, is a "religion of love".

IX: Democracies in crisis or the temptation of the new Totalitarianism

Caught between the hegemonic intentions of the world´s Islamist poles and the democratic societies´surrender of principles, the young Muslims in Europe and the United States, for the most part moderate and pacific, are the first victims of Islamist Totalitarianism as it pursues them into the very birthplace of democracy and modernity. For them, community identity and warped multiculturalism set a trap into which the Islamists hope to ensnare them. For Muslim women and democrats, who had hoped to be able to escape the chador and obscurantism by coming to live in Europe, the Islamists´ daily success stories following community claims is in some way seen as a betrayal. But there is worse to come. Most of the terrorists who left Manhattan or the streets of Paris streaming with blood have found asylum in Europe or the United States, just like Ayatollah Khomeini or almost all anti-Western Islamist leaders throughout the world, from Hasan al Tourabbi to the leader of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, Abdelrahmane, the man behind the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. Some are even American citizens, like John Walker, who was found in the ranks of Al Quaida in October 2001 during Operation Immutable Freedom, or again French, like Zaccharias Moussaoui, the first to be accused and presumably the twentieth member of the Manhattan commando group.The author demonstrates here that the powerlessness of European nations faced with the new Islamist Totalitarian offensive and Allah´s fanatics´ plans for conquest can be explained by Westerner´s guilty consciences, the Europeans´ "death drive" as they subconsciously see the submersion of their lands by the Islamic Third-world as a sort of redemption , a form of self-punishment and therefore self-pardon for their past mistakes (colonization, Crusades, imperialism, Sionism), in short a way of atoning for their errors by orchestrating their own extinction.The question Karl Popper poses in The open societies and its ennemies has therefore never been so topical as today. As in 1938, democracies have the choice between two paths: to go Munich´s way or to resist Totalitarianism. The West may not know it yet, but it is at war. Or rather, Green Totalitarianism has declared war on it...

* Alexandre del Valle, 34, Senior Civil Servant, Italo-French expert on International Relations and Geopolitics (Islamism and terrorism in particular). Researcher at the University of Paris II, Del Valle has contributed to numerous journals, (Politique Internationale, Outre-Terre, Conflits Actuels, Géostratégique, L'Observatoire du Monde Juif, Quaderni Geopolitici, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Israël Magazine, etc) as well as the French daily, Le Figaro and the Catholic Spectacle du Monde. He has just published, Le totalitarisme islamiste à l'assaut des démocraties [Islamist Totalitarianism, Democracies under attack](Les Syrtes , 11 September 2002), third in a series of geopolitical essays devoted to the Islamist threat in the world and the vulnerability of the Western democracies in the face of the IIIrd.totalitarianism , which is Islamist fanaticism. Del Valle draws a worrying picture of the Islamist penetration in the West, which, according to him, is as blind in front of Islamism as it was in the face of the advance of Nazism and then Stalinism.

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