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Del Valle/NTD: Muslim Brotherhoods and R. T. Erdogan prepared the beheading of Samuel Paty

Muslim Brotherhoods, Erdogan islamist networks and Salafist are the main "Tongue cutters" who try to fanatise muslims in Europe and brainwash them in order to stop integration and convert them into radical ennemies of European and western secular values.

They want to convey to them a paranoid vision of the world in which Muslims would be systematically "persecuted" by Western "Islamophobic" States and Inhabitants. This demonization of European and Western States accused of "anti-Muslim racism" contributes to preparing jihadist violence as we saw in with the terrible beheading of Samuel Paty killed in France in october 2020 by a young Chechen jihadist fanaticized by the propaganda of Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist imams and activists and by the anti-French remarks of Turkish President Erdogan.


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