A la une

12 Dec 2004

I have recently read with dismay Mr. Muraviec's article: “The wacky world of French intellectuals” published in April 2000 on your site (Middle East Forum) and I'd like to respond to his criticism of my positions and my work. I hope to establish here a sense of truth.


6 Dec 2004

by Alexandre Del Valle* [translated from the French by Erich von Abele]
Since the instigation of the second Intifada al Aqsa, in September of 2000; since September 11, 2001, which marked the end of the inviolability of America’s strategic sanctuary; and, above all, sin...

23 Jul 2004

Ле Фигаро, 23 июля 2004
Александр Дель Валле*

В то время как главы государств Европейского Союза начали переговоры о вступлении Турции в ЕС (этот переговорный процесс может быть прерван в любой момент) и в то время как параллельный рост исламизма беспокоит противников...

23 Jul 2004

At the time when the heads of state of the European Union have just opened the negotiations concerning the membership of Turkey in the EU (a process which can, however, be interrupted at any moment) and when, at the same time, the rise of Islamism in Turkey is worrying...

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