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28 Oct 2015

 Estratto da “Le chaos syrien“, di Randa Kassis e Alexandre del Valle, pubblicato da Dhow éditions, 2014. Traduzione: Vincent.

Read more at http://www.atlantico.fr/decryptage/pourquoi-occidentaux-ont-eu-tant-mal-admettre-que-rebellion-sunnite-syrienne-etait-dominee-fan...

11 Jan 2014

In a care of clarification, and as scientific approach analysing the deep reasons of conflicts, Alexandre Del Valle analyses in the framework of the geopolitical method ("struggle of power over desired territories"), what he calls the "war of representations”, or "non...

5 Nov 2012

Source : http://www.atlantico.fr/decryptage/femmes-grandes-perdantes-ou-victimes-collaterales-revolutions-arabes-alexandre-del-valle-532968.html

1 Nov 2012

Source : http://www.atlantico.fr/decryptage/tensions-droit-au-blaspheme-voit-on-assez-methodique-jihad-juridique-engage-depuis-plus-20-ans-partie-1-alexandre-del-valle-495315.html

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