2 Mar 2020

Charles de Gaulle said one should, and I quote, “go to the complex Orient with simple ideas”… but the eastern advocates of political Islam say, “go to the simple West with complex ideas of Islamization”. 

After a series of deadly attacks by jihadists in France, and...

15 Apr 2019

Alexandre del Valle interviendra dimanche dans le film "Clash of Civilizations" et développe une vision multipolariste et non hostile qui rappelle que Samuel Huntington était très lucide et non-interventionniste avant l’heure. 

29 Aug 2017

In the military and strategic sense of the word, an "enemy" is an entity that truly threatens our short- and long-term survival and vital interests -- not one

11 Jan 2014

In a care of clarification, and as scientific approach analysing the deep reasons of conflicts, Alexandre Del Valle analyses in the framework of the geopolitical method ("struggle of power over desired territories"), what he calls the "war of representations”, or "non...

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